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IBEX Sports

IBEX SPORTS allows sports teams and fans to interact globally by trading value and unlocking global fandom


Allows fans to boost and send value to their favorite players and team around the globe instantly!

This is how you get started with #SATS4STATS

Follow these steps:

IBEX PAY signup

Click 'get started' and create an IBEX PAY account

Create an ‘LNURL-Pay’

Login to IBEX PAY, click 'integrations', and then 'IBEX PAY Donations'. Create an ‘LNURL-Pay’ linked to the desired BPT. Screenshot, photoshoot, or use a QR code generator using the withdrawal link.

Share your IBEX PAY donations LNURL

Add IBEX PAY donations LNURL QR code next to the player image, campaigns, giveaways, game initiatives, etc.

Receive donations

Fans can donate using a Lightning Wallet, such as cash app, muun, wallet of satoshi, breeze, etc.
Reward fans globally in real-time when a top play happens!
For commercial giveaways, contact us at