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What is the Lightning Network?

Lightning is the safest, fastest, cheapest and most scalable payment technology in existence. Cross border, cross currency payments with no middle man… It's the future.


Why should you accept Lightning Payments?

The Lightning Network open your doors to a rapidly growing customer base, you save on fees, enhances your customer experience and allows you to take payments from anywhere in the world.

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Why use lightning with IBEXPAY


IBEXPAY is the easiest and fastest way for any business to  accept instant Bitcoin payments over the Lightning Network and On-Chain. Whether you are a single location over the counter taco shop or a multinational clothing chain with many managers and locations, IBEXPAY can work for you.

Reach a new customer base

Nearly 100 million people have access to the Lightning Network and bitcoin payments.

Easily share your BPTs without any risk

Bitcoin Payments Terminals can only charge. There is no risk when sharing them with your staff.

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Designed with businesses in mind

IBEX is built to be a lightning B2b infrastructure company.

No hardware needed.

IBEXPAY is a responsive web app. Add a Bitcoin Payment Terminal to the Home Screen in any device.

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IBEXPAY offers instant convertibility to selected local currencies, like USD.

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Low transaction fees.

As low as 0.5% for receiving payments in bitcoin

No hidden fees.

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charge backs.

Businesses have a counterparty risk when using payment systems such as Visa or Mastercard. IBEXPAY could potentially increase net margins.

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Ready to get more done with IBEX?