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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use IBEXPAY?

Anyone in the world. We are a global solution. From farmers markets, ranchers, restaurants, bars, venues, event and production companies, big chains, e-commerce businesses in shopify or in woo commerce,  and many more.

How do I set up my Onchain Address?

Download a wallet like Muun Wallet, create a new wallet and set up your password. Select ‘Receive’. Right underneath the QR code you will see your BTC Wallet Address. Select ‘Copy’ in order to copy your bitcoin address and add it to IBEXPAY.

Does IBEXPAY integrates with POS, softwares, apps, Fin techs, etc?

Any company can integrate IBEX Lightning into their current products or design new innovative services leveraging our API.

We have integrated:
1. Digital wallets
2. Deposits / withdrawals for cryptoexchanges
3. Merchant payment solutions
4. Payroll and treasury
5. Remittances - BTC cash-in / cash-out
6. Innovation in digital payments at a global scale

Can I delete an Account, or a BPT?

Accounts and BPTs cannot be deleted, but you can revoke access to Managers and thus leave them disabled.

Why does an invoice only last 15 minutes?

Due to price fluctuation in bitcoin, invoices are only lock in for 15 minutes before a new one needs to be created.

Which wallets can my customers use to pay with bitcoin at a IBEXPAY invoice? , Wallet of satoshi , Muun Wallet , Osmo , Tauros, Chivo Wallet, Strike, and many more.

Will the price fluctuate if I receive USD or BTC?

If you keep BTC, price volatility is on you.
If you want USD convertibility, we send you the spot price at the point of transaction minus our fees.

What should I do if something goes wrong with IBEXPAY?

Contact Support at

I don't find the ‘confirm your email - create your password- email, where should I look?

If you don't see the Verification email, check under "Spam" or "Junk." or contact support at

Does the IBEX dashboard mark it somehow when it gets transferred? So I can track deposits?

Yes, it is marked as reimbursed on csv file.

Where do I go if I want to promote IBEXPAY and adopt bitcoin payments to other businesses?

We have an ambassador program that offers you the resources and incentives. Apply filling out this form

What is the highest limit amount that can be process on an IBEXPAY terminal?

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