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About Us

IBEX is a bitcoin infrastructure company specialized in the Lightning Network (LN) enterprise solutions. Founded in 2018, we are a world leader in providing Lightning-as-a-Service infrastructure for quick, scalable deployment. With offices in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and in the US.

Our Mission

Creating a hyper efficient payment network to empower the world into a new era of global commerce.

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After leading the adoption of bitcoin in Guatemala through OTC services since 2018, IBEX focused on developing the bitcoin ecosystem in El Salvador. This was the first time in the world that the Lightning Network was used at this scale and we secured 95% uptime, 10,000 daily transactions and 300,000 USD daily volume when capability was only theoretically possible. Since IBEX onboarded the country of El Salvador to its merchant solution in late 2021, it has seen interest and adoption for its various infrastructure products from countries and companies around the globe.

The Future of Money

Much like the meteoric rise of the internet, Bitcoin will transfer a new era of global commerce and money logistics. IBEX will lead the charge modernizing legacy payment rails with lightning infrastructure for many years to come.

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